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Our Services

What We Do

As DarkChild we pride ourselves with our exceptional services.

Our business is a wholistic marketing turnkey solution based business as we have over the years managed and executed various marketing activities including small and large events (music, sports and galas), Television Production (comedy, sports and reality), mass mobilization for government and many more.  All we require is a clear brief and we will be able to provide a solution to your marketing challenges.



We have branded over 100 spaza stores and have put A3 posters in over 11,000 spazas across the country.  This is a specialized service for clients looking for a more affordable but far reaching physical branding opportunities. 

Sales & Merchandising

In its simplest form, our core service is to increase sales in the traditional trade.  We do this by executing 5P’s of marketing, namely, Product, Price, Promotion, Place, and People on behalf of the brand.  Our traditional trade network spans over 400 retailers and are made up of independent and buying groups such as:

  • EST
  • UMS
  • Shield
  • MassCash 
  • IBC
  • ICC
  • CBW
  • Kit Kat

Our store coverage

We provide sales and merchandising services in these stores across the country.  Merchandising is the process of promoting goods to expedite the process of attracting buyers and generating sales. With effective merchandise layout, product placement and display design, one can experience a number of benefits such as increased sales, promotion of high value products, simplifying buying decision and attracting repeat customers.  It is in the execution of the 5Ps that leads to consumer sales which in turn result in both large and fill in orders from the retail buyers.  Our experience has also proven that it is important to have a good relationship with floor managers and buyers in order to our job efficiently.  These relationships and basic communication etiquette are reiterated in our training processes.


We have the ability and capability to do in-store promotions particularly for new production launches using promoters.  Promoters are representatives of a FMCG company who are stationed inside a Modern or Traditional trade to perform a multitude of functions for the brand including shelf management, stock audits, order taking, planning and executing sampling activities, putting promotions and enabling tertiary sales through consumer interactions.  Promotions are important when a brand would like to have a new product known in the market place.  The core to successful promotional activity is to ensure that the promoter is well trained and equipped to invite customers to experience a brand/product (in terms quality and value), and not just to buy it.  It is therefore up to the brand trainer to ensure that the brand quality and value are well articulated to the promoter prior to the start of the activation. 

We offer the entire value chain for promotion from Recruitment to Training and Placements


With the right contract in place, we believe we can set up a distribution division that will see us handle all of product logistics till it reaches its intended shelf in retail.  We currently have partnerships with a 3rd party who does cash vans distribution into spaza (informal stores) with a reach of over 5,000 stores countrywide.